A lot of webmasters are frustrated by the Google analytics (not provided) queries in analytics traffic search sources visits.  The reason why you can’t see the queries people typed in that equal to the number of visits which (not provided) displays, is due to Google users that are logged in and are doing the searches.  Google encrypts the searches these users perform so you wont’ be able to see what they typed in to end up landing on one of your pages.   The good news is that you can get an idea of what they typed in by looking at the amount of visitors you have on your landing pages.  Your landing pages contain all the keywords that helped those users find you on Google. Click the below image to view a larger version so you can see exactly where in your Analytics control panel to get an idea of what pages the (not provided) visitors are visiting. Go to > Content > Site content > Landing Pages  to see  all the pages on your site that had visits from Google users. analytics not provided search