Here is a list of top 15 educational apps for the Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone.


Gospel Library 2.5 ratings and reviews}

Gospel Library 2.5

This is a great way to study the scriptureson the roadTruly the best scripture app out their and its freeListen to lessons/ general conference talks all the time

#2 Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free ratings and reviews} Dictionary & Thesaurus – Free

 Great way to learn new words in these busy timesLove this appgreat for school work Final agreat dictionary app on the iPhone


Pic Collage ratings and reviews}

Pic Collage

 Pic collage is my new favorite app It’s easy and fun to use and makes some awesome photos definitely makes some laughs Best collage app outthere and it’s FREE


7 Little Words ratings and reviews}

7 Little Words

 Fun and challenging game to dust the cobwebs out of my brainThough of course I wish there were more freegamesThisgame really makes you think outside the box Wish there were more freepuzzles but so addicting


Trainyard Express ratings and reviews}

Trainyard Express
★★★★★ 38,603

 Great brain teasers This is a very fun and challenging game I am definitely going to buy the full version once I’m done with this


Pictorial ratings and reviews}

★★★★★ 35,035

 Very nice game requiring a good amount of imaginationThis is a really fun game and really enjoy playingReally really fun game but there aren’t enough levels Very cool game for the spatially inclined


Planets ratings and reviews}

★★★★★ 53,128

Absolutely best star gazing appI have found yetBest night sky app I suggest you all try the Night Sky app Love it accept Neptune and Uranus are switched the pictures are


Trainyard ratings and reviews}

★★★★★ 19,521

very fun and challenging game that makes you think but doesn’t present you impossible puzzlesVery fun and challenging game Willkeep you entertained for hours if you like puzzle gamesThis is better than angry birds and cut the ropeAddictive puzzle game that willkeep you entertained for hours on end


53,000+ Famous Quotes Free ratings and reviews}

53,000+ Famous Quotes Free
★★★★★ 39,863

over 53 000famous quotesin the palm of your handsBest quote app I love the way it is set upGreat app to review some of the mostfamous quotesever madeGreat quotesfrom a wide variety of people


Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian for free ratings and reviews}

Duolingo – Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian for free
★★★★★ 14,525

Really a great way to learn a language on your own timeI’d say its as good or better than Rosetta Stone It is agreat way to learn a new language 


BrainPOP Featured Movie ratings and reviews}

BrainPOP Featured Movie
★★★★★ 22,388

 Great educational appthat provides interesting topics and challenging quizzesIlove brainpop it helps u in schoolIt is a fun way to learnthings at school


Stupidness 2 ratings and reviews}

Stupidness 2

This gamereally makes you think outside the boxStupidness 2 is the awesomest gameThisgame really makes you think outside the box


iQuran Lite ratings and reviews}

iQuran Lite

My Allah blessyou for making such appIt’s a must have for all Muslims and non Muslimswanting to learn about the QuranThis looks to be a great resource forMuslims and non MuslimsalikeI believe it’s thebest Quran app out in the market


Dot Line ratings and reviews}

Dot Line

 It’s a really fun game it’s very entertaining and addictingHi this is apretty cool game I get twice the free stars that this rating is


Dictionary. ratings and reviews}


 Best dictionary app out there and I’ve tried quite a fewAnd even then it was for medical terminologyonlyI suspect this is thebest free dictionary app