Here are some good tips, tricks and tweaks for the Sony Xperia Z.   To save battery life, turn off GPS satellites by going into settings  > Location Services >  Turn off GPS satellites.  GPS uses a lot of battery. Stamina mode: disables data when screen is off to save you battery life:  Go into settings > Power management.  You will notice dramatic battery life increase if you do this.  Turn off animations:  Settings > Developer Options >  scroll down to Window, Transition and animation scale and turn them off.  This will dramatically speed up your device.

Air swipe gestures just like Galaxy S4 on your Xperia Z

Air Swiper app air gestures app xperia z Uninstall bloatware apps Go into settings > apps > then scroll to the far right to see “ALL”, disable the apps you don’t use but be careful not to disable any important system apps. Disable Gmail autosync, or any other apps that sync frequently as they are constantly pulling in data which in turn eats up your battery life. greenify app save battery life   Consider using Greenify app  to conserve battery life ,by hybernating unnecessary apps that are running keep running in the background after you are done using them.