Demand for power has increased as newer phones have bigger screens, more processor cores, and higher resolutions.   Battery capacity of newer phones is going up as well, but it can’t keep up pace of demands. Luckily for us, some wonderful app dev’s keep on producing apps aimed to get back battery life. XDA Senior Member seaskyways created Quad Core Manager. It aims to give users better control of their devices’ multi-core processors. This app allows you to disable a core or 2 cores depending on how many total cores you have, and your phone will still function as normal but with better battery life. If you have 2 cores, you can disable 1.  If you have 4 cores, you can disable 2. Although this android app is free, consider buying the donation version to support the Dev who made this app. to save battery life galaxy s4 htc one m7 android phone It supports the following phones and more.