Farewell to Xbox 720

  farewell-xbox-720 The most passionate gamers have got a chance to take the first look at Xbox 720, as it had been launched on May, 21 this year. Many rumors were around it, and we all couldn’t help waiting for real Xbox 720. Well, it is here now, but many gamers don’t seem satisfied with this anticipated device. Why does it happen so? What is so wrong with Xbox 720, and do we have any chances to fix it and get the device we wanted to get actually? Xbox One   First of all, gamers were confused to get Xbox One instead of promised Xbox 720, though the name  didn’t mean anything of course. So, Microsoft decided to name their new concole Xbox One, though there were many possible variants, and let it be.   Here comes a controller. Gamers can’t find anything new there that would make it different from a controller of Xbox 360, though Misrosoft told about 40 innovations there. In general, Xbox One appeared to be a black box, which is quite big but still stylish.   Features   The most interesting fact about Xbox One is its operating system. And it is interesting just because the device runs on three different OS actually: Windows kernal, Xbox OS, and the 3rd OS that has no actual name but fits those two well.   There was not much exact information about Xbox One specifications during its presentation itself. But now it’s clear, that this device has following features.   *  8 core CPU processor *  RAM – 8 GB *  A hard drive – 500 GB *  3 USB ports *  A Blu-ray drive *  Wi-Fi direct   Moreover, Xbox One will not work without Kinect 2, so, you’ll have to plug it in. It is necessary for voice commands to start and navigate the system. Anyway, your gestures are also needed to work with this device, so, your voice will not be enough, though everything looked so easy-to-do and cool during the presentation.   By the way, you can use voice commands to switch from a game to TV, music, and back! Well, it sounds impressive, but we doubt that many gamers will practice it very often.   In general, Xbox One appeared to be quite impressive, though it had some drawbacks as well. For example, gamers don’t like the fact that the device can be active only if there is the Internet connection present. And it reminds a big entertainment system much more than a simple gaming console.