HTC One tips and tricks capture screenshot  

Tips & Tricks

Change the user interface.

If you don’t like the default HTC’s Sense interface, You can try a good launcher like the launcher which you can find in the play store.

 Password protect text messages

If you want to keep certain text messages private, here is a handy feature you need to know about. To activate this feature, long press on the desired text message that you would like to keep private and select “Move to secure box” on the pop-up menu that appears. It will then prompt you to setup a password. Once you have completed entering your password, the message will be moved to the “secure” section. To access private messages simply select “Secure” from the messages drop down menu and enter your nominated password. You can also move messages out of the secure section the same way.


Screenshot Capture

Hold the power button and then touch the power button. That’s it. You will see screen flash and hear a notification sound.  

Connect your HTC to your TV via HDMI