Here are a few android apps that I would highly recommend for people serious about becoming more fit.

1. Runtastic Squats

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One word comes to mind when thinking about strong thighs and a tight butt: squats! These are a great thing to do, but most of the time it’s much to nice of a day to make a trip to the gym.
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2. Ab workout A6W

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Caynax Aerobic Weider Six – Caynax A6W – free daily ab workout for perfect 6pack in just 6 weeks (yet another great app from developers of Caynax Alarm Clock and Caynax HIIT)Application contains workout schedule to perform in 42 days – no shortcuts – known as Aerobic Weider Six (Aerobic Six of Weider). Daily ab workout contains 6 exercises to perform everyday to get perfect 6pack.

The 21 Day Fitness Plan FULL

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Give us three weeks: We’ll change your body, your habits, and your life. Lose fat, build strength, get ripped, get shredded! The 21-Day Fitness Plan will reshape your body as it tests your will. This is a crash course, a hardcore action plan, an emergency break-glass-when-needed rescue package for when you’re not happy with your condition — and you need to be, stat.
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