Improve brain and memory function with these Android and iOS Apps.  

1.  Working Memory  (Android)

Working memory is the ability to keep things in mind while performing an activity. It helps one to remember while you are in the process of learning.

2. Mind Games (Android)

This is a great collection of games based on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skills. The perfect game to help you fight the effects of aging on your brain, or try to improve brain functioning at any age.  

3. Coach memory! Brain trainer  (Android)

Unique brain training and personal coach for your memory, attention, reaction speed, multitasking, task switching and problem solving skills. According to the scientist’s researches brain needs training as well as muscles. Even 5 minutes per day can be enough to not only maintain your brain in good shape but also to develop it!   Open iTunes to buy and download apps.

4. Clockwork Brain  (iOS)


*** One of the 500 Best Apps in the world, as chosen by The London Times! *** Play fun, innovative puzzles and train your brain with A Clockwork Brain! Discover a series of unique mini-games especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as visual, spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory. Everything in the game has been lovingly hand-painted with influences from Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art.

5.  Brain Wave  (iOS)

Brain Wave - 30 Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Programs and Relaxing Ambience


30 Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Programs in One App! ★ The Best-Rated and Top-Selling Brainwave Entrainment App in the App Store! ★ Advanced Sequences of Binaural Tones combined with Soothing Ambient Nature Sounds and Atmospheric Music to stimulate specific Brainwave Frequencies and Induce Specific States of Mind