Screenshot_2013-07-09-22-02-49 That’s my screenshot above on my Galaxy S4, I get great battery life on stock battery because I turn off Gmail autosync.  If I use an app like Quad-core manager to shut off some of the cores on my phone, I can get even more battery life.  I normally recharge every 2 days. I am a flashaholic on the XDA forums, and I have been through the Galaxy S4 on Slim roms, liquid smooth and Illusion rom’s.  I would highly recommend one of these roms as they greatly increase battery life.  When you are down to that last 5%, you can count that these rom’s won’t let you down.  There was a time when I had no charger, and that I actually thought my battery was gonna for sure die out, but I was shocked to see that it was still at 2% after a whole overnight and into the next day. One advice I would recommend to anyone who is serious about saving battery life, is to turn off gmail auto sync and GPS when you don’t need it.  I have noticed that Gmail autosync constantly checks for new emails in the background, so it eats up battery even when your phone is in your pocket.  Another good idea to preserve battery life is to use the Greenify app which you can find in the Playstore, it will find out which apps are running in background and give you option to hybernate them permanently. If you don’t see “wipe battery stats” in clockworkmod, don’t worry.  Android automatically clears battery stats after you charge to 100%. A final important tip is that after you flash your custom rom, make sure you wait 10 minutes after you turn it on.  Just let it stay at that setup screen for 10 whole minutes.  Almost every Dev will tell you the same thing in the instructions they provide on the XDA forums. Flash at your own risk, this is for the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and read complete instructions before flashing.  We at are not responsible.  You void your warranty by flashing a custom rom. galaxy s4 liquid smooth Visit this excellent xda forum post for even more tips and tricks on saving battery life while your phone is idle. I always use Ktoonsez Kernel because it offers me best battery life and is very stable. Flash at your own risk and read full info at the forum post.     Click here for Mike Ramsay’s Illusion rom. Flash at your own risk and read full info at the forum post. itsmikeramsay        

Darth Stalker  (Touchwiz) 

  DARTHSTALKER S4 Jovy’s Darth Stalker rom is the best for Touchwiz lovers, in my opinion.   DARTHSTALKER S4 ROM FEATURES ★ The Rom Is Based On The T-Mobile UVUAMDL 4.2.2 Base ★ Comes With The PHANTOM™ v1.0 Custom Kernel ★ Rooted ★ Zipaligned ★ Deodexed ★ Busybox ★ SuperSU ★ Wifi-Calling ★ Sysrw + Sysro ★ Init.d Support ★ Carrier IQ Free ★ MMS Over Wifi ★ Supremacy Script ★ App/Data Support ★ Nano/Bash Support ★ CSC Feature Tweaks ★ No Incremental Ringtone ★ Resizable Pop-Up Browser ★ 1% Battery Percentage Mod ★ SonySketch As Default Font ★ Unrestricted Native Tethering ★ Bluetooth Tethering Enabled ★ Volume Boosting Sound Hack ★ Long Press Menu To Kill Mod ★ 4 Way Reboot / Advanced Power Menu ★ Tons Of Init.d And Build.Prop Tweaks ★ Performance And Battery Enhancements ★ 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/LTE Speed And Signal Enhancements ★ Themed Blue Status Bar Toggles!!! ★ Black Status Bar Ticker/Background ★ Unlimited Contacts Joining ★ Unlimited Max Slide Count ★ Unlimited SMS Recipient Limit ★ TouchWiz Smooth Scrolling Mod ★ Tweaks For Cache Management ★ Messaging App Split-View Mode ★ Jelly Bean Blue Status-Bar Clock ★ Messaging App Screen On/Off Toggle ★ Modified TouchWiz Launcher For Extra Speed ★ Device Status Info “Official” Instead Of “Custom” Mod ★ Modified Stock Camera App With Disabled Camera/Camcorder “Low Battery”, “Can’t Use Flash”, And “Unable To Start While In A Call” Alerts So Now You Can Use Flash/Camera/Camcorder Even When Your Phone’s Battery Is Running Low Or During A Phone Call. ★ Use The Camera To Take Pictures While On A Call ★ My Modified Darthstalker Wallpaper Chooser App With 50+ Wallpapers ★ SMS To MMS Auto Conversion For Long Text Has Been Disabled ★ Save And Restore Text Messages Using The Messaging App ★ Youtube App With Screen While Off Playback ★ Adobe Flash Player Support [Third Party Browsers Only] ★ Increased SMS Hour Limit By 1000 ★ Custom Themed “Android Version” Easter Egg ★ Jellybean Has Project Butter But I Present You “PROJECT FLOW” [Silky Smooth UI]! ★ Faster USB Storage SD-Card Read/Write/Transfer Speeds ★ Darth Vader Default Background And Lockscreen Wallpaper